Implemented Features and Updates

1. Global Filter for the whole leads database.

    Originally when creating a global filter it will only search what is available on the account's call queue. So it will not include leads that have been removed from the call queue due to a disposition. 

   There is now an option to choose filtered leads between your call queue or all the leads on your database (this includes all of the leads removed from the call queue).

2. Selecting multiple Phone Scripts/Leads Scripts when creating a Global Filter.

    It is now possible to select multiple phone scripts/leads scripts when creating a global filter.

3. SMTP Settings now supports Gmail, Yahoo mail and Outlook.

    Video tutorials will be added to the "Getting Started", "How Tos", and Ninja Dialer Video Library.

4.  Caller IDs can now be assigned to users under a supervisor account.

    On the Caller IDs page, it's now possible to re-assign caller ids to different users by clicking the drop-down on "Agents". However, only supervisor accounts is allowed to re-assign.

5. Buy Top-up

    There have been major changes made on purchasing minutes, sms and voice mail credits. It is now possible to select multiple products and it will be added to your cart. Also, when purchasing, There is an option if you want to it to be a "one time purchase" or a "monthly subscription".