If you think your number might have been flagged as spam, there are some things you can try to resolve the issue, but unfortunately carriers (like Verizon, AT&tT T-Mobile, etc) are not very clear about how they flag numbers. To best proceed, it's important that to understand the following:

1. Some carriers might display "potential spam" on cell phones just because the number being used is a VoIP. However it does not mean that it is really a spam number as Voice Over IP numbers are more susceptible to being flagged by the carriers. When a VoIP number is canceled, the supplier typically goes through a "cleaning process" and 6-month waiting period to make sure the number has not been flagged as spam before recycling the number again. However, this doesn't always happen as effectively as they would all like.  

2. Sending a high volume of templated text messages from the same number can also cause a number to be flagged as spam. Ninja Dialer has a feature called "content spinning" that allows you to auto-rotate words within the SMS automatically so you never send the same SMS twice. Click here to learn more about this feature.

3. If you are confident that your VoIP number is consistently coming up as spam then we would recommend cancelling the number and purchasing a new one. We cannot guarantee that the new number will be any different, and therefore cannot offer any refunds, but it might be worth a try.